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Lake Buchanan Fishing Tips

When to fish
Fishing is generally good year round, with August and September being the slowest months.   

Starting in February, white bass and striped bass begin their annual spawning run up the Colorado River. Anglers should concentrate their efforts from Beaver Creek into the Colorado.

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Striped bass fishing is generally good year round on Lake Buchanan in the Highland Lakes area of Central Texas.

About striper
The striped bass is the largest member of the sea bass family, often called "temperate" or "true" bass to distinguish it from species such as largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass which are actually members of the sunfish family Centrarchidae.   More...

Information about striped bass, striper on Lake Buchanan in the Highland Lakes region of Central Texas

How to catch 'em
Productive lures for white bass include twister tail jigs, small hair jigs, small crankbaits, and small topwaters. Live bait fishing with minnows is also productive.  More...

How to catch striped bass on Lake Buchanan in the Highland Lakes area of Central Texas

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